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Dream Life in the Galápagos

The Galapagos dream life is a project that offers you a great opportunity. The opportunity to experience a paradise in the Pacific and a business opportunity in one of the most unique and special archipelagos in the world. Allow us to introduce to you a  charming property for sale with a business company on San Cristóbal Island.

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Why Galapagos ?

The reasons why are clear. The natural beauty of the islands, the diversity and uniqueness of the species, its volcanic origin, its geological dynamics with permanent changes and a variety of formations, the Galápagos Islands are considered a living laboratory of evolutionary processes that is still underway. The Galápagos gave rise to the development of a large number of both animal and plant species that do not exist anywhere else in the world, which make’s this place a very unique site of global importance for the common heritage of humanity.

A Natural Heritage of Humanity is a source of pride not only for Galapagueños, but also for Ecuadorians, because the universal value of the Galapagos Islands is recognized. Also, its archipelago has 13 main islands, of which 4 are currently populated, San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana.

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This project is located on San Cristóbal Island

What does San Cristóbal Island offer us?

Admire famous endemic species, delight in gastronomy, visit pristine sites and learn about the history of Galapagos, are just some of the options offered here on San Cristóbal Island. This destination is shown in all its splendor, invites tourists to plan future experiences and fall in love again with the natural attractions of Ecuador. On San Cristóbal Island, the capital of Galapagos, you will have the opportunity to do different activities in your free time, such as snorkeling and swimming with sea lions, diving with sharks, going downhill from El Junco lagoon, surfing in Punta Carola or watching beautiful sunsets from the cliff in Lobería. This island has around 8,000 inhabitants, which come mostly from different parts of Ecuador and some from other countries. On a social level, it is a quiet island where you can enjoy a very islander feeling and have a better balance and harmony with yourself.

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Casa Iguana Mar y Sol

Casa Iguana Mar y Sol together with the company RENOIGUANA S.A., are the perfect complement to have a dream lifestyle and a growing business opportunity. Casa Iguana Mar y Sol is one of the most welcoming hotels in the capital San Cristóbal. This unique hotel in its design is located in one of the most central areas close to the community, the main boardwalk and numerous tourist sites. The property  is aproximatelly 3,407 square feet and Laundry/storage building 343 square feet. Made up of three stories with two master bedrooms, two double rooms, two single rooms, a BBQ area and a main social room. In addition, it has a garden social area, a beautiful terrace with views of the sea and sunset, two main warehouses and a laundry room. We believe that this property is ideal for investors, buyers who wish to turn the place into a perfect home to visit Galapagos on vacation in the best seasons, or for a lodging business, which would have a high clientele under a solid business plan long-term. There is even the potential to turn the property into a home and a lodging business at the same time!

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Casa Iguana Mar y Sol location

Casa Iguana Mar y Sol is near to the main center of Puerto Baquerizo Town, it is one hundred meters from the sea and also is relativetly close to the main beaches of Man beach, Carola Beach, The Interpretation Center and Tijeretas Hill. Find us on google maps with the following cordinates: -0.898800,-89.608494

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RENOIGUANA S.A. is a company formed by the owner of the property Casa Iguana Mar y Sol. The property belongs 50% to RENOIGUANA S.A. and the remaining 50% belongs to the owner. RENOIGUANA S.A., for sale together with the property, has a great business opportunity in several areas including commercial activity of providing cafeteria services and a restaurant. The stages of the activity are: Production of goods and services, commercialization, distribution, promotion, intermediation, and importation. For investors who wish to invest in Galapagos, RENOIGUANA S.A. would be the ideal company to facilitate both the purchase of goods and investment in the legal field of the special organic law of Galapagos.

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Sale price and purchase options

The Hotel Casa Iguana Mar y Sol combined with the company RENOIGUANA S.A., are being offered together with a negotiable initial price of $2.5 million US. This being the main offer, with the option of the first payment of 50% of the total price and the remaining 50% over a 5-year term; under a promise of sale. Moreover, the owner of Casa Iguana Mar y Sol and shareholder of RENOIGUANA S.A., would accept the sale of the hotel and the business company, through a single payment of 100% in cash, for the attractive reduced price of $1.8 million USD.  Negotiable.  Make an offer.

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